Are you ever hovered over the snow?

Skiing, ski tours, freeride, snowshoe hikes - Winter sport in the Trentino

Snow as far as you can see - The Dolomites and the Alps of Adamello-Presanella are a paradise for winter sports enthusiasts

Snow covered hills and perfectly groomed slopes, in Madonna di Campiglio the dream of every skier comes true: fabulous powder snow, from morning till evening skiing or snowboarding.  Enjoy the breathtaking view to the snow covered Dolomites and the Alps of  Adamello-Presanella.
In cooperation with the Sport Elite School:
Ski and snowboard private lessons: Private lessons with ski instructors of the Sport Elite School, hours and days on arrangement.

Ski and snowboard courses: The Sport Elite School organises weekly courses, 2/3 hours per day for groups up to 5 persons, to facilitate the learning of the practise.

Guided ski and snowboard tours: The perfect opportunity for skiers to get to know the skiing area of the Brenta Dolomites in the company of an experienced ski instructor.

Telemark: An easy skiing technique from Norway where the heel of the rear food is lifted. This technique can be exercised on all snow and slope conditions.

Freeride: A lifestyle, a philosophy, a positive thought. Off slope skiing in company of experienced ski instructors – love the mountains, get to know them and respect them.

Heliskiing: The whine of the turbines, the rotor blades cut the air…  all aboard… the helicopter takes off and everything is getting smaller.  Within a few minutes you are in paradise, surrounded by snow covered, untouched nature….
This is heliskiing!!

Ski tours: The long and strenuous climb is rewarded with spectacular views and unique down hills. You will discover new horizons and unknown landscapes in the nature park Adamello Brenta in company of experienced mountain guides.

Snowshoe hikes: Discover a frozen mountain lake and stroll through the snow-covered forests - walk in the snow and experience unique moments …

Ice climbing: Ice climbing is a good possibility to approach the snow covered mountains away from the slopes. Experience a real adventure on frozen water falls.
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